:: Sri Radhagolok Viharine namo namah ::

:: Sri Radha Bihari Goloke hridi madhurkunje vasatu me ::

:: Sri Nimbarkmahamunindraye namo namah ::


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Sadharan Samvatsar 2074

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Golokdham Ashram, INDIA:
49 Main Road, Brijwasan, New Delhi-110061
email: golokdham@gmail.com Tel.:+91-11-64633716
Goshala Nagar, Near Atla Chungi, Vrindaban-281121

Sri Radhasarveshvari Gaushala
Golokdham Homeopathic Charitable Dispensary
Thakur Shree Radha Golok Behari Sewa Trust
Sharneshwar Seva Trust
Golokdham Seva Samiti

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